Saturday, 1 April 2017

One Year On

Today is the first anniversary of when I came home from hospital following multiple organ failure, a cardiac arrest and several days in a coma.

Some of the advice I was given was just silly. My copy of the Heart Matters magazine turned up in the post with some advice from a male cardiac arrest survivor, which included making goals like making a cup of

The day I came home I was cleaning the flat, making the bed, doing the laundry and I was back in my previous role as a full time carer.

I was meant to spend some time convalescing only I haven't started on that yet.

On the upside I have managed to fit pottering about in our tiny garden most mornings.

I bought some long handled shears to cut my lawn with and thought I was doing a good job going out there each morning and snipping away.
Billy just asked me if I wanted someone to come round and mow the lawn for me.
We have very different ideas about lawns. I like the grass to be green and I love all the tiny flowers that randomly appear to add colour.
Apparently Billy prefers a yellow patchy lawn with loads of headless flowers

Today I was in the garden around 7:30 am. While I was out there some plants turned up so I had to clear some space and prepare the ground to plant 12 ground cover plants. It took ages and I was still out there just before noon when the groceries were delivered.

I'm finished with gardening today so will get back with it tomorrow if it doesn't rain too much.

I'm up and down energy wise and my balance is a bit off for much of the day but can currently walk the 50 yards or so to the post box and back with only needing a day or so of taking it easy.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Should I stay or Should I go?

                                             Above is Gosport where I lived up until 2014
Above is very close to where I live now

Although I have family ties in Gosport, we can keep in touch by phone and through social networking. Billy and I would have no workable support network and would have to build a new one from scratch from people we haven't met yet so have no ongoing support if we moved there.

Here in Eastbourne we have my adopted family made up of Billy's Aunties, Uncles, cousins and there children, Also Billy has 3 daughters and a granddaughter who live close by with one daughter who is coming up for seven years old. Neither Billy nor I are well enough to give the nearly 7 year old the kind of happy life that she has now with the friends she is living with and as we couldn't travel to Eastbourne from Hampshire on a regular basis, I would be concerned that we might all lose touch altogether.

It's a no brainier really. I just wanted to blog this to remind me how I felt  about it today

I feel that positive experiences of human contact is so important to physical and mental well being and we get this kind of support on an ongoing basis. Besides, chocolate cake tastes so much nicer when shared.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Five Ways To Mental Well Being . Peter Kinderman

a) Keep active – do something physical each day. Could be as simple as taking the dog out for a walk (if you’ve got a dog!), but could be going for a swim, or going to the gym every day.

b) Maintain your relationships – for all kinds of reasons, friends are vital. Good friends, supportive friends, friends who won't judge you or try to take advantage of you. And we can all take steps to maintain our friendships. We can make sure we ‘phone, write, text, etc. You might even consider a kind of semi-professional approach - selfhelp groups for people in a similar position to yourself.

c) Learn – keep your brain active. Engage your brain. Your brain is the most fantastic machine ever created, and it needs to be exercised (I would say this, I’m an academic, but honestly… it’s good for you!).

d) Give – this isn’t political brainwashing, there’s real evidence that getting involved in charitable activity (and it’s probably better to give your time and effort, rather than money) makes people happier.

 e) Stay open-minded – this is perhaps the trickiest thing, but it relates directly to rumination… so it deserves its own section.

See full report HERE

Peter Kinderman 2017
Professor of Clinical Psychology at University of Liverpool

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Out and About Again

Our friendly Co-op  in Hampden Park
My fave shop for teeny packs of olives for £1
and loads of cruelty free household cleaning and personal care products 

Today I am mainly adding Gift Bags to my store

It must be Christmas....I'm a bit bothered by all those little things like running out of food and all sorts of other stuff.

I tried to do some on-line shopping as is my usual way of feeding the pair of us, only to find that the locals have invited whole armies to stay this year so there are no more shopping slots left until Tuesday 27th December.

I'd been up all night working on my eBid Store until about 6am, when it occurred to me that it was time for my morning meds. I then googled my local co-op store and saw they opened at 7am.

My winter coat came out for the first time this winter and I wrapped myself up and had a little wander, not building my hopes up that they might have everything in stock that was on my list.

I will now try to stop slagging off the co-op here for running out of half my shopping list on a regular basis as everything I was after was there :)

Why do shops have displays of mince pies by the door so I don't see them till I am about to leave? I grabbed a couple of boxes from the store counter to replace those that I have eaten and made a mental not to go back there on Saturday to buy up any tubs of sweets they still have.

My Billy told visitors that I had eaten 4 tubs of Heroes in a week...what a cheek!...I had actually only eaten 2 and a half tubs by

Back to my story....and a progress report. Got home feeling great as I had broken my speed record for the co-op shopping...wasn't too out of breath and didn't need to stop for a water break :)

Went for a nap at around 1pm and got up at around midnight for another night shift at work

Monday, 12 December 2016

Busy Busy Busy

Haven't been to bed yet but have kept busy.

What I have done so far

1....cleared loads of stuff and either binned it or re-cycled.
2.....made some fudge which was rubbish so I chucked it.
3....posted Christmas cards
4....washing is now in the drier
5,,,,wrapped some prezzies
6....wrapped 2 boxes of Heroes so I can't eat them
7....listed 50+ listings.....losted none
8....put in our prescription requests
9....shopped on-line for Billy
10 shopped on-line and remembered to buy dog toys and gluten free goodies to send to my son in Gosport
11...cooked and ate cheesy mash for my breakfast

I might have a nap in a bit 

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Latest Eastbourne Expedition

Hampden Park Post Office

On Friday 24th June the Ebid crew started one of their monthly fundraising auctions which run from the 24th -28th of each month except December.

This month we were raising money for The Royal British Legion and as I had a couple of auctions up I knew I would have to make the trip to the Post Office very soon after the 28th.

Now...I hadn't been to our Post Office since we moved to our first home here in 2014. This is because I would normally use a carrier on-line only I need to print labels from their site.

Chromebook is not talking to our printer so I had to find another way of sending parcels.....hence the planned Post Office run. So...the big day (today) arrived and off I trotted .... a woman on a mission.

First off..I had to find the right road which has no signs until I had walked about 100 yards (not foreign metres as I don't do them) along the road....then a railway crossing and onto the road I was after.

I managed to find a cashpoint then noticed a sign to a Tesco store which gave me something else to think about. The Post Office was quiet, handed over my parcel and bought stamps and started off home.

I saw the sign to the Tesco store again so decided to stop off and pick up some goodies.

I arrived home...put away the groceries (cream cakes and doughnuts were necessary) and stashed away all the luxury goods like laundry liquid and milk.

I conked out within an hour of getting back and had a nap...woke up feeling more alive and glad I made the trip out,

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

I Voted To Leave The EU

Although I am glad to be out of the United States of Europe, this has to be the funniest response to the 'leave' result I have seen so far.